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Everything I do is focussed on delivering real results. After years in the sales, marketing, website design & online campaigning fields I know how to effectively use the internet to help businesses enhance their brand awareness, save time, & ultimately increase their sales. 

Having helped businesses across East Sussex from my base here in Hastings, I have gone on to work with international businesses, top UK bloggers, local and national charities and even Members of Parliament. 

My clients consistently smash sales and lead targets soon after signing up with me - which is why I am proud to offer an honest money back guarantee to all my clients; if you aren’t happy with the results, you get your money back - simple. 

Whether you need a hand locally to help you get to grips with your businesses daily internet marketing needs, or some advanced 1-2-1 consultancy advice and support on how to take your marketing efforts to the next level - I can help. 

Remember to take me up on my free 1-2-1 consultancy session, have a coffee with me and let me show you how I could help YOU increase your businesses sales online. just give me a call or drop me an email. 

Let’s work together and start smashing your sales goals. 

liam atkins

Marketing Consultancy

The 3 W’s of Online Marketing


Online marketing, as I covered in a previous post is hard work, but, it isn’t hugely difficult. Although some marketing consultants will try to dazzle with complicted buzzwords and concepts, it’s worth remembering that most online marketing can and should follow the pattern of the 3 W’s.

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Marketing Consultancy Marketing Quotes

Online Marketing Is Hard Work – Time To Hustle


“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Edison

If any marketing consultant, social media trainer, online marketing coach or heaven forbid “guru” tells you that online marketing is the silver bullet, the special sauce that will propel your business to great heights by simply having a website and a Facebook page – is just BS’ing you.

Online marketing – as with anything that reaps rewards in life, is damn hard work. But, done well, with patience, perseverance and a plan, will save you thousands in ongoing marketing costs while setting you up for a life of passive lead generation after a few short months.

Far too many businesses jump online, abandoning the disciplines they adopted with traditional sales or marketing methods, and then complain that ‘social media’ doesn’t work for ‘their’ business. Which again, is BS.

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