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Get Your Internet Marketing Sorted for March

Sort your

Do you have a massive list of internet marketing tasks that you know will increase your businesses sales, but just can’t find the time or individual to get them all done?

You need to easily offload these tasks onto someone you can trust, someone who knows what will work, what doesn’t and knows how to implement them?

Well, that’s me… Book me in for an internet marketing consulting and management session in March and get those tasks off your to-do list and strengthening your sales funnel.

How does this work? 

liam email marketingI’ll come to you or you can come to my office in Hastings, you offload that long list of tasks and I’ll get your internet marketing ‘to do list’ written up. I’ll then spend 1 whole day/week over the next month working solely on your marketing to-do-list, getting the tasks done and working on a comprehensive internet marketing strategy.

This internet marketing strategy covers all the bases needed to ‘go it alone’ after the first month, putting everything in place to turn your website and online activities into a sales machine.

Priced at £620 all in if booked with a small deposit within the next few days, and climbing to £840 after10th March. – And best of all, if you’re not happy wit the work I’ve carried out throughout the month, you won’t have to pay a penny.

Caution: I only have space for 2 new clients in March, so book now to avoid the wait

P.S. Not quite right for you? Pass this email to a friend, if successful, you’ll get a £50 referral cheque with your name on heading straight to you.

P.P.S. Not 100% sure yet? Take a look at my website for some of my latest client testimonials

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Marketing Marketing Quotes

The Marketing & Sales Numbers That Really Matter

Voila_Capture 2016-2-25_04-6-6_pm

As an approved Google Analytics Certified Partner. I know a thing or two about crunching your analytics numbers.

I’m often asked about the numbers, what’s good, bad, average etc. And I’m more than happy to grab a coffee with a small business owner and go through these, alongside a plan to improve them.

But I will say, above all else you need to remember the following.

When it comes to marketing your business, the only numbers that really matter are the feet through the door and the ones in your bank.

Because, no matter your bounce rate, subscriber rate or follower numbers – if you have no customers, no money in the bank, what good are fancy bar graphs and pie charts to your business?

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Website Design

Is Your Website A Sales Machine?

build your own

Are you desperate for an increase in sales? Are you tired of that competitor always getting the big clients?

Time to look at one of the most affordable, yet all too often underused sales tools around – your business website.

Almost every established business has a website, but very few can honestly say that they attract a sufficient amount of business, new customers or leads from their current website design.

This is for a number of reasons, they key reason being – your web designer is holding you back.

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